Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A snowy "White Christmas" at Cloud Crossing Farm 2010

this is "Jeremy" our female midget white heritage turkey,
she is very good at staying clean and white

three pretty birds snuggling up to keep warm

the "Bob" still loves the snow
i call it (the snow madness)

my new supper awesome vintage coat!!!!!!


one of our female rare moscovy duck stretching after her bath

two snowy heritage turkey one
blue slate "downy" and one bourbon red

this is ether spot or not spot its hard to tell
with the snow covering her tail
...really, its always hard to tell them apart

the trailer all filled with displays and ect for shows
and snowed in until spring ,
woohoo.......... no more shows untill spring

Oberon looking hansom in the snow

Chicken star

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